Information sciences - Archival science study programme - single major - Syllabi

1st semester

  Instructors Mandatory courses  
  Ćosić History of institutions in Croatia  
  Matijević-Sokol Information sources and systems in archives  
  Stančić Digitization and migration of documents  
  Mateljan Database programming  
  Lasić-Lazić Knowledge and information management  
    Elective courses  
  Mateljan Databases on the Internet  
Socio-humanistic informatics  

2nd semester

  Instructors Mandatory courses  
  Stančić Archival legislation  
  Stančić Digital archives  
  Lasić-Lazić Knowledge management systems  
    Elective courses  
  Tuđman Information science epistemology  
  Stančić Digitisation of 3D objects and spaces  

3rd semester

  Instructors Mandatory courses  
  Stančić, Rajh Planning and designing records management systems  
  Stančić Arrangement and description of archives  
  Pavlina Information System Design  
    Elective courses  
  Špiranec Indexing and retrieval systems I  
  Babić Heritage Management  

4th semester

  Instructors Mandatory courses  
  Zlodi Metadata in resource management  
  Naknadno Praksa - Diplomski studij  
  Naknadno Završni rad - Diplomski  
  Stančić Digital records preservation