Undergraduate study - introduction

Undergraduate study of Information Sciences


Department proposes one undergraduate study of information sciences (Study of Information Sciences, course information science (teacher-oriented included)) and five graduate studies (archival science, library science, informatics, social-humanistic informatics, and museum and heritage management). All of them are interdisciplinary in their nature and their compulsory and elective courses enable the students to develop their universal interests as well as to satisfy specific requirements of particular areas. Accordingly, they all share similar instructional contents so students can choose between several modules and later specialize in a particular discipline within the field of information sciences which will be stated in diploma supplement.


The aim of the study is to qualify students for work in organizations and information centers for which specific knowledge of searching, evaluation and selection of data. The goal it is also to qualify students for understanding basics of information sciences (objects, collections, items, records management; data, information, knowledge) and provide overview of the intormation institutions.


The study should qualify students for:


  1. subsequent graduate studies of archival science, library science, informatics, social-humanistic informatics, andmuseum and heritage management at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb
  2. performing simple tasks in various information and cultural institutions as well as in the bodies of public authorities, enterprises, and companies that have demand for persons who have competences in managing information in the new technological environment.


Title awarded: baccalaurea/baccalaureus of information sciences