Department profile


The department of information sciences currently offers three types of studies:

      • The undegraduate study (BA),
      • Graduate study (MSc) and
      • Doctoral study (PhD).



The academic staff at the department are actively engaged in research, together with students who can gain additional knowledge and experience by participating in research under the supervision of experienced researchers. Department for information sciences produces quality research in many areas of information sciences and computer science. Research areas include the Croatian lexicography, the Croatian indentity in information institutions, knowledge management,  machine translation, information processing, e-learning etc. The department staff also actively participates in international projects like TEMPUS.


The department organizes conference "INFuture" which aimes at researchers and professionals from the broad field of information studies and related professions. The objective of the conference is to provide a platform for discussing theoretical and practical issues in information organization and information integration. The conference provides a forum for information professionals who plan and design information systems for heritage institutions.