Sonja Špiranec PhD, full professor

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Sonja Špiranec was born 1974 in Düsseldorf, Germany. She finished elementary and high school in Zagreb. She studied Information Sciences and German Laguage and Literature at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb and graduated 1998. After her graduation, she begun to work at the National and University Library in Zagreb.

In 2001. she enrolled in postgraduate studies in Information Sciences and begun to work as a research assistant at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. She gained her PhD in 2007 (title of the thesis: Model of organizing information in electronic learning environments).  

Since 2013 she holds the position of an associate professor and researcher and is currently the chair of Institute of Information Studies. She is engaged in undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate teaching, mentoring and research. She has published numerous articles, one book and and was recently the editor of the book Worldwide Commonalities and Challenges in Information Literacy Research and Practice, published by Springer in 2013. She also serves in standing committees and program committees in a number of international events (INFuture, ECIL: European Conference on Information Literacy, INTED: International Technology, Education and Development Conference, EDULearn, Bobcatsss, IMCW: International Symposium on Information Management in a Changing World). She also has participated in international projects (Erasmus intensive programme Library, Information and Cultural Management 2011, 2012, 2013) and Information and Communication Technology in supporting the educational process (2012), COST Action TD1210 KnowEscape: Analyzing the dynamics of information and knowledge landscapes). Since 2006 she participated in different information and media literacy projects, initiatives and summits organized by UNESCO. In cooperation with colleagues from the Department of information management (Hacettepe University), she founded the European Conference on Information Literacy and serves as the chair of the Programme Committee and Co-chair of Standing Committee.


Fields of Interest: 

  • Organization of information (subject indexing) and subject access to information
  • Information search process
  • Information behavior and practice
  • Evaluation and credibility of information
  • Information Literacy


Publications listed in the Croatian Scientific Bibliography (CROSBI)



  • Organizacija, upravljanje i razmjena znanja u elektroničkom obrazovnom okruženju (šifra projekta 130-1301799-1755)
  • Organizacija informacija i znanja u elektroničkom obrazovnom okruženju (šifra projekta: 0130462)
  • ERASMUS: Akademska ljetna škola Library, Information and Cultural Management i Information
  • ERASMUS: Communication Technology in supporting the Educational Process
  • COST Action 1210: Analyzing the dynamics of information and knowledge landscapes (KNOWeSCAPE)
  • RACOSS: Research Activity, Collaboration and Orientation in Social Sciences in Croatia and other post-socialist European Countries (Croatian Science Foundation)