Vjera LopinaVjera Lopina PhD, senior research and teaching assistant

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Born 9 April 1961 in Zagreb, graduated from grammar school "Klasična gimnazija". She enrolled in the studies of General linguistics and Italian language and literature at the Faculty of Arts in Zagreb in 1979, and she received her diploma on 26 October 1983. She enrolled in the study of Classical philology at the same faculty in 1981, and the study of Information science in 1984; and she graduated in both studies. She enrolled in postgraduate study "Kultura itočnojadranske obale" in 1986 at the Interuniversity center in Dubrovnik. She worked at the Old Slavic Department of the Institute of philology and folkloristics from 1985 to 1991 as a research associate. She worked part-time as a lecturer at the Department of Information science at the Faculty of Arts in Zagreb. Since 1991 she works as a junior assistant at the Department of Information Science, she participates in classes of Infopracticum 1, Introduction to Information science, Cryptology and practice for Introduction to programming. She collaborates on the projects of "Knowledge models and communication forms", "The Dictionary of Church Slavonic Language of Croatian redaction" and Machine understanding of Croatian language". She lectured the course of "Data protection" at the college of Business informatics from 1994 to 1998. She attained master's degree with her work "Machine analysis of noun morphology in written Croatian". She was elected to associate as an assistant in the department of Social sciences, field of Information sciences on 10 February 2000. She participated in several science congresses in Croatia and abroad (including Italy, Finland and Czech Republic) sometimes with a report, and sometimes as a member of the Organizing comittee. She published 12 scientific papers.


Fields of interest:

  • cryptology
  • computer linguistics
  • corpus linguistics
  • linguist statistics


Publications listed in the Croatian Scientific Bibliography (CROSBI)



  • Cryptology
  • Programming exercises 1