TomislavaTomislava Lauc PhD, full professor

Office hours: Monday, 10:00-11:30, room E-314

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Phone: +385-1-4092318


Tomislava Lauc is a full professor at the Department of Information and Communication Sciences, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb.

She obtained her MA in Philosophy and Information science and MSc in Information Sciences at the University of Zagreb.

She obtained her PhD in 2001 at the Zagreb University on the development of a system for information retrieval and natural language processing of Croatian text corpora.

Her area of ​​interest includes natural language processing and multimedia instructional design. Her current research interests include data mining in e-learning.


Fields of interest:

  • multimedia learning
  • data mining in e-learning
  • natural language processing


Publications listed in the Croatian Scientific Bibliography (CROSBI)


  • Providing Resources in Irish, Norwegian, Croatian and Icelandic for Purposes of Language Engineering (PRINCIPLE)
  • Multimedia learning and online course development (the project in cooperation with the University Computing Center - SRCE)



Undergraduate study

  • Introduction to Information Retrieval and NLP
  • Multimedia Knowledge Presentation

Graduate study

  • Socio-humanistic Informatics

 Postgraduate study

  • Multimedia Instructional Design