ZDovedanHanZdravko Dovedan Han PhD, full professor

Office hours: Retired since October 1st, 2017.

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Born in 1952. Attended primary school and highschool in Brčko, BiH. In 1970 enrolled at Technical military academy in Zagreb. Attained a bachelor's degree in engineering, aerodynamics in 1975. In 1978 enrolled at a post-graduate study of computer sciences at Faculty of Electrotechnics and attained a masters degree with his paper 'Synthesis and implementation of interactive language with formaly defined semantics' in 1982. Attained a Ph.D. with his paper 'A model of syntactic analysis of a programing language' in 1992 at the Faculty of Arts in Zagreb.


Publications listed in the Croatian Scientific Bibliography (CROSBI)



  • Programming I.
  • Formal languages and translators
  • Object programming
  • Algorythm and structure of natural language
  • Syntax analysis (post-graduate)
  • Theory of translation (post-graduate)