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U okviru dolazne mobilnosti Erasmus+ u kategoriji dolazni predavači iz stranih tvrtki i na poziv institucijski financiranog projekta "Primjena tehnologije ulančanih blokova u baštinskom okruženju" (voditelj prof. dr. sc. Hrvoje Stančić) ovog tjedna će na Filozofskom fakultetu gostovati Göran Almgren iz švedske blockchain inovacijske tvrtke Enigio koji će održati predavanje "Enigio's journey from a deep tech startup to the provider of digital original documents". Predavanje na engleskom jeziku će se održati u utorak 22. studenog 2022. u 13h u konferencijskoj dvorani Knjižnice (2. kat). 

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U nastavku navodim sažetak predavanja i crticu o tvrtki Enigio.

Göran Almgren

Enigio's journey from a deep tech startup to the provider of digital original documents

Corporates and authorities in countries all over the world are today still depending on the management of paper documents. A major obstacle when substituting paper documents with electronic documents has been the requirement to be able to manage and present documents in their original form.

The concept of a document has over centuries served as the carrier of promises and commitments. Legislations related to property, trade, and finance as well as for government administration is generally based on the concept of documents, often in need of notarisation. These documents are carriers of trillions of euros in monetary value globally, and they are a cornerstone for our modern society.

The current incumbent solutions (such as electronic signatures on a PDF) do not cater for a complete and correct digital representation of a physical document. There is a need to take one step further to achieve perfect equivalents of paper documents.  

In this lecture Göran Almgren, co-founder of Enigio will talk about Enigio's journey from a deep tech startup to the provider of digital original documents focussing on how to create a solution for freely transferable digital original documents and verifiable copies of these originals. He will also elaborate on how such a solution would work with existing legislations within the EU and globally.

About Enigio

Enigio is a deep-tech company offering innovative solutions to ensure consistency, integrity, traceability, and possession of digital information making data available only to those who should have access to it while protecting it from manipulation.

Founded in Stockholm in 2012, the Enigio team includes experienced computer engineers, researchers, software developers, and senior professionals from the financial sector. The team is especially strong in document technology, archival science, cryptography, DLT, relevant legal frameworks, and banking. 


Hrvoje Stančić