Academic year 2014-2015

Projects’ goals and partners


The first project entitled Improvement and Promotion of Services in the Small Library was realized in cooperation with the public library of Gracac. Since it is a small library with only 2 staff members (Assistant Librarian and Director) as well as small number of users (about 200), the first aim of the project was to investigate the perception of the Library among existing and potential users through a survey that was conducted in the library and in a local primary school, since the majority of users are school children. Furthermore, university students have developed and implemented a new identity of the Gracac public library (they have designed a logo, membership cards and a trademark), in order for the Gracac library to become recognized in both the local and regional community. Students have also raised awareness of the importance of libraries as a source of knowledge and information through the promotion of this library on the Facebook social network and through printed brochures that were distribued to locals.
The project is described on the Google page https://sites.google.com/site/kicgracac/ and in Prezi: https://prezi.com/mcevrv9mfgeb/knjiznica-i-citaonica-gracac/
Another project called Students for children aimed to raise awareness on the importance of education for children in the Home for Orphans Antun Gustav Matos in Zagreb. The Home has 2 departments (department of children up to 18 years and department of children up to 14 years). University students wanted to encourage these children to learn, but also to teach them how to get the necessary information and how to use various sources of knowledge. Since the target population was a very sensitive group with special problems regarding motivation and concentration, students have tried to raise the awareness on the importance of literacy through various creative workshops (making greeting cards, posters, bookmarks for books, etc. with children). Students have tried to present many creative ways of expression that can help children in their learning and/or while looking for the desired job.
The project is described in Prez: https://prezi.com/-b4pwzep4ygn/studenti-za-djecu/