Subject:  Probability and statistics   
Course: Probability and Statistics    
ECTS credits: 6    
Language: Croatian        
Duration: one semester        
Status: obligatory        
Method of teaching: Lectures and exercises
Prerequisite: Mathematics    
Assessment: During the semester three tests or at the end of the semester written and oral exam.        

Course description:
1. Population. Statistical features. Data collection. Creating the statistical series. The statistical tables. Graphic.
2. Means. The arithmetic mean. Harmonic mean. Median. Mode.
3. The range of variation. Inter quartiles. Coefficient of quartiles deviation. Graphic of dispersion. Variance. Standard deviation. Coefficient of variation.
4. Time series. Graphic. The base indices. Chain indices. Rates of change. The average rate of change.
5. The sample without returning and returning to population. Repeating the experiment under the same conditions. Large population.
6. Space probabilities. The experiment, event algebra and probability.
7. Independence and conditional probability. The total probability and Bayes formula.
8. Random variable. Distribution function and the probability function. The expectation and variance.
9. Discrete uniform distribution. Binomial distribution. Poisson  distribution.
10. Continuous uniform distribution. Normal distribution. Exponential distribution. Student     ? 2  distribution.
11. Random sample. Distribution function of a random sample. Statistics. The expectation and variance of the random sample.
12. Parameter estimation of distribution. The method of moments, maximum likelihood and unbiased estimation. Interval parameter estimation of distributions. Parameters estimation of the normal distribution.
13. Statistical hypothesis testing. Hypothesis and test. Error first and second order. Tests parameters of the normal distribution. ? 2  test.
14. Linear regression. Regression line. Parameter estimation of regression. Parameter estimation of correlation coefficient.

Course objectives: Students have to learn elements of probability and statistics and how to use that knowledge.

Quality check and success of the course:

Reading list:
AM Mood, FA Graybill, DC Boes: Introduction to the Theory of Statistics, McGraw-Hill, New York in 1974.
I. Šošic: Statistika, Školska knjiga, Zagreb, 1996,
I. Pavlic, Statistička teorija i primjenena, Tehnička knjiga, Zagreb 1988.
B. Tepeš: Skripte iz deskriptivne statistike
B. Tepeš: Skripte iz vjerojatnosti 
B. Tepeš: Skripte iz razdioba
B. Tepeš: Skripte iz statistike
Statističke tabele