Subject: Programming Web 2.0 applications
Course: undergraduate
ECTS credits: 6
Language: croatian
Duration: one semester, summer semester
Status: elective
Method of teaching: 2 lecture hours and two hours of practical classes
Prerequisite: none
Assessment: Written and oral exams

Course description:  Definition of Web 2.0 and Web 2.0 applications. Application platform and tools. Development of stand-alone applications. Development of web applications by using Web 2.0 technologies. Working with database, creating and using stored procedures. Connection and communication with relational database. Support for data presentation on the web page.

Course objectives:   The student will familiarize themselves with Web 2.0 technologies. Practical work on design and development of Web 2.0 application will ensure gaining practical knowledge and skills.

Quality check and success of the course:
Quality control and the assessment of how successfully the course was implemented will be done by combining internal and external evaluation. The internal evaluation will be done by the professors and the students. The evaluation will take the form of a survey done at the end of the semester. External evaluation shall be realized by our colleagues who will attend the class and grade the course and the lecturer.  

Reading list:

1. Spaanjaars, I. Beginning ASP.NET 4.5: in C# and VB. Wrox, 2012
2. Millet, S. Professional ASP.NET Design Patterns. Wrox, 2010
3. Brown, P. Silverlight 5 in Action. Manning Publications, 2012
4. Nathan, A. WPF 4.5 Unleashed. Sams Publishing, 2013