Course title: Communication technology fundamentals


Instructor: Associate professor Radovan Vrana, PhD


ECTS credits: 5

Language: Croatian


Semester: 2nd


Status: Compulsory


Form of Instruction: Lectures and exercises


Prerequisites: none


Examination: Written


Objective: Introduction to communication technologies.


Course description:


  • Computer networks (basic concepts), Introduction to the internet
  • Using the internet, Internet service providers
  • Computer addressing on the internet, The internet domains
  • Basic internet protocols
  • E-mail
  • World Wide Web
  • Search engines
  • Internet information resources: Web directories, Web portals, Encyclopedias)
  • Communication services on the internet, Social software
  • File transfer on the internet, Multimedia
  • User security on the internet
  • Invisible Web
  • Practical work: development of Web pages by use of HTML


Reading list:


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Recommende reading:


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