Course name: Advanced Programming of Web Applications
Instructor: Kristina Kocijan, PhD, assistant professor
ECTS credits: 5
Status: elective
Form: 1 h lecture + 2 h lab
Prerequisite: Web Design Basics
Exam: written

Content: Introduction. History of programming. PHP history. How does PHP web page travel. Web application interactivity. HTML in PHP. PHP syntaks. Data types. Operators. Variables. Conditions. Loops. PHP in an external file. Sending and checking data from an HTML form. Communication with TXT and XML files.

Gentle introduction to data bases - MySQL. Fundamentals of data bases. Management of tables and indexes. Adding, editing and deleting. SQL and queries. Connecting multiple tables. Editing data bases. Quering data base on the web. Formating query results. Working with different DataBase Management Systems. Cookies. 


Objectives: Upon the completion of the course, the student should be able to:

  • recognize and use PHP syntax,
  • independently query MySQL data base,
  • connect to MySQL data base,
  • define and explain fields used in MySQL data base,
  • demonstrate addition, edition and deletion of data in MySQL data base using PHP,
  • independently build a simple PHP code,
  • use and explain more advanced PHP code,
  • independently and/or in team work build an interactive web site on a given topic,
  • evaluate, maintain and edit existing or new web site that use PHP and MySQL data base.


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