Subject: Libraries and library collections
ECTS credits: 6
Language: Croatian
Duration: 1 semester
Status: compulsive
Method of teaching: lectures, seminar, colloquium/e-learning
Prerequisite: none
Assessment: written exam and seminar.

Course description:
Library material, library collections, libraries – terms and definitions; Educational, informational and cultural role of libraries; Library types – national, public, school, special, academic libraries; Missions and visions of libraries; Library administration, policies and management; Gifts for libraries; Legal issues – library acts and standards, legal deposit; guidelines for library services (mobile library guidelines, library services for young adults, library services for babies and toddlers, library services for deaf people…); Marketing in libraries; Librarianship as a profession; Librarians’ associations

Course objectives:
After this course students will be able to:
1. differentiate and categorize library types
2. define libraries’ role in society
3. compile basic documents of a library (mission and vision statement)
4. evaluate gifts for libraries
5. plan and develop library policy
6. explain legal documents such as library act
7. understand the role of library associations

Quality check and success of the course:
Internal evaluation will be done by teachers and students at the end of semester.

Reading list:
1. Brophy, P. The library in the twenty-first century. London : Library Association Publishing, 2001.
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