Course: Selected Chapters from Natural Language Processing        
ECTS credits: 5    
Language: Croatian         
Duration: 1 semester        
Status: elective course        
Method of teaching: 2 hours of lectures, 2 seminar hours weekly
Prerequisite: none        
Assessment: seminar paper, practical work, written exam        

Course description:
Automatic construction of any natural language resource requires a good understanding of the natural language properties as well as linguistic and statistical methods for natural language processing. Students in this course will acquire the linguistic and statistical concepts that are used in natural language processing and will master the methods of automatic construction of primary and secondary natural language resources for Croatian language. Students will also gain competence, knowledge and skills in applying methods of automatic natural language processing and will acquire knowledge on a variety of topics and systems that deal with different problems in processing Croatian language and other natural languages.
Course content and topics will vary from year to year dependent upon the constantly changing importance of natural language processing threads.

Course objectives:
Students will acquire knowledge on the development of systems (such as automatic text summarization) using variety of statistical and linguistic methods. They will also learn how different systems operate, such as sentiment analysis system and named entity recognition. Students will develop skills to design morphological lexicons of inflectional languages, web corpora, etc.

Quality check and success of the course:
The evaluation will be performed by the teacher and fellow students and will be carried out as a survey at the end of the semester.

Reading list:
Manning, C.D., Schutze, H. Foundation of Statistical Natural Language Processing. MIT press, 1999.
Jurafsky, D., Martin, J. H. Speech and Language Processing: An Introduction to Natural Language Processing. Prentice Hall, NJ, 2000.

Mitkov, R. (ed). The Oxford Handbook of Computational Linguistics. Oxford University Press, 2003.
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