Subject: Information System Design
Course: Information System Design
ECTS credits: 6 ECTS
Language: Croatian
Duration: 1 semester
Status: mandatory
Method of teaching: 2 lecture hours + 2 hours of seminar
Assessment: written exam + project

Course description:
The course will introduce students to a variety of concepts, principles and stages of designing and analyzing information systems. Students will learn to define requirements and limits of the information subsystem. They will learn the role of different users in the design of information systems, fundamentals of process modeling and logical database design. Students will learn information systems design and development life cycle. Special attention will be devoted to familiarizing students with writing documentation. Students will learn a variety of methods, tools and techniques used in system analysis and design.

Course objectives:
Introduce students to the principles of design and evaluation of information systems and
familiarize them with the methodology of software development and project management.

Quality check and success of the course:
Quality check and success of the course will be done by combining internal and external evaluation. Internal evaluation will be done by teachers and students using survey method at the end of semester. The external evaluation will be done by colleagues attending the course, by monitoring and assessment of the course.

Reading list:
1. J. A. Hoffer, J. F. George, J. S. Valacich: Modern Systems Analysis and Design, 3/e, Prentice Hall College Div, 2001
2. Martin, J.: Information Engineering II - Planning and Analisys, Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NY 1990.
3. J. L. Whitten, L. D. Bentley, K. C. Dittman: Systems Analysis & Design Methods, 5/e, McGraw-Hill Higher Education, 2000
4. Zwass, V. Foundations of Information systems, McGraw-Hill, Boston, 1998.