Subject: Socio-humanistic informatics
Course: Socio-humanistic informatics
ECTS credits: 3
Language: Croatian/English
Duration: 1 semester
Status: elective
Method of teaching: blended course
Prerequisite: no
Assessment: Complete set of weekly writing tasks, final paper


Course description: Socio-humanistic informatics includes the application of information and communication technologies in the social sciences and humanities, as well as areas of text and language processing and knowledge representation. Text processing includes different ways of creation and manipulation of text. Natural language processing describes human language from a computational perspective. Knowledge representation is concerned with ways of representing information in order to derive new information based on it. Course topics include the following: using styles and templates for text formatting, word frequency list and text indexing, automatic extracts generation, regular expressions for extracting collocations, statistical text analysis, semantic Web documents.


Course objectives: Students need to understand the basic principles of text processing and the semantic Web documents. They need to understand the concepts of text formatting such as styles and templates, and the basic notions of text and language processing such as token, type, lemma, index terms, distribution of words, collocations, abstract, extract, as well as basics characteristics of the semantic Web documents. Practical work includes weekly assignments during the semester. Students will learn how to apply the theoretical knowledge through a series of project-oriented and interrelated tasks that include creating and applying styles in MS Word document, creation of templates and organization of styles in MS Word document, generating extract of the document, advanced find and replace using regular expressions, using VB macro to create a frequency list of words, creating an index using MS Word, statistical text analysis using MS Excel, and creating of the semantic Web document.

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