Course: Creative teaching workshop
ECTS credits: 4
Language: Croatian
Duration: 1 semester (30 hours)
Status: compulsory (2 hours per week)
Method of teaching: practicum
Prerequisite: Teaching methodology in information science II
Assessment: Written, oral

Course description:
In this practicum students will demonstrate an ability to plan, implement and assess learning programmes independently; respond positively to advice from mentor teachers and University supervisors; display increasing confidence and competence in managing student behaviour; demonstrate a reflective practice approach to teaching; undertake all of the responsibilities of a teacher and demonstrate a high level of professional commitment.

Quality check and success of the course: Quality check and success of the course will be done by combining internal and external evaluation. Internal evaluation will be done by teachers and students using survey method at the end of semester. The external evaluation will be done by colleagues attending the course, by monitoring and assessment of the course.

Reading list:
1. Udžbenici i ostali priručnici za učenike i nastavnike
1.2. Časopisi iz područja