Subject: Heritage Marketing
Course: Heritage Marketing
ECTS credits: 6
Language: Croatian
Duration: 1 semester (winter)
Status: Compulsory
Method of teaching: 2 lecture hours and 2 hours of seminar weekly
Prerequisite: n/a
Assessment: written exam

Course description:
Introductory lecture; The nature of modernity; Nature of Heritage (time, history); Users; The art and the skills in Heritage Communication (means, ways, partners); Heritage Products; Quality of Products; Excellence in Heritage Profession; Friend of Heritage; The Impact of Marketing on Institution; Marketing Techniques; Marketing Plan; Marketing Mix; Evaluation: SWOT analysis; Market Research – Users; Techniques and Methods of Marketing; Marketing Expert; Planning and Programming of Heritage Institutions; Heritage in Destination Marketing and the Branding; Heritage in Creation of Destination

Course objectives:
To provide students with possibilities to understand the basis of marketing managing techniques without the usual mystifications; to enable students with skills for fundamental marketing methodology; to prepare students to easily deal with further literature; present basic principles that rule in the creation of the products as well as in relation towards the users.

Quality check and success of the course: Quality check and success of the course will be done by combining internal and external evaluation. Internal evaluation will be done by teachers and students using survey method at the end of semester. The external evaluation will be done by colleagues attending the course, by monitoring and assessment of the course.

Reading list:
1. Kotler, Philip; Kotler, Neil. Museum Strategy and Marketing. San Francisco : Jossey-Bass, 1998  (or 2nd edition 2008.)
2. Sue Runyard ; Ylva French. The marketing and public relations handbook for museums, galleries and heritage attractions. Altamira Press, 2000.
3. Richard Sandell; Robert R. Janes (ed.) Museum management and marketing. Routledge : Oxon-New York, 2007.
4. Šola, Tomislav. Marketing u muzejima, ili o vrlini i kako je obznaniti. Zagreb: Hrvatsko muzejsko društvo, 2001.
5. Lord, Barry; Lord, Gail Dexter. The Manual of Museum Planning. Altamira Press, 2000.
Additional reading list:
1. Morgan, Nigel; Prichard, Annette; Pride, Roger. Destination Branding. Oxford. Butterworth and Heinemann. 2002.
2. Beigberder, Felix. 129,90kn. Zagreb. OceanMore. 2003.
3. Barsamiam, David; Chomsky, Noam. Propaganda i javno mišljenje. Zagreb. Tridvajedan. 2001.