Course: Indexing and retrieval systems 1
ECTS credits: 6
Language: Croatian
Duration: 1 semester    
Status: Compulsory
Method of teaching: lectures, tutorial, practical exercise
Prerequisite: -    

Course description:
Course objectives:

Students will acquire knowledge about different typologies and types of retrieval systems, definitions, theoretical concepts, practical developments and critically assess developments in the area of information retrieval
Students will be able to:
1. define main features of different retrieval systems, 2. understand differences between different types of retrieval systems, 3. know how to develop a search strategy and search for information by using complex syntax and search operators, 4. explain causal relationships between different indexing systems and retrieval functionalities, 5. interpret trends in the development of retrieval systems, 6. explain evaluation processes in retrieval
Quality check and success of the course:
Internal evaluation will be done by teachers and students at the end of semester. External evaluation will be done by fellow professors participating at the course and evaluating both course and teacher.

Reading list:
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