Subject: Cultural tourism
Course: Cultural tourism
ECTS credits: 3
Language: Croatian
Duration: 1 semester
Status: compulsory course
Method of teaching: 1 hours lecture and 1 hours of practical class
Assessment: written report

Course description:
Tourism as a notion; Defining cultural tourism; Historical aspects of  tourism development; Cultural tourism subsets; Cultural-tourism products; Cultural-tourism market; Cultural tourists: Cultural supply and cultural demand in tourism; Identification of the cultural-tourism resources;  Development and classification of  tourism attractions; The notion, subject, identity and development of the cultural-tourism destination; Interpretation and presentation of the heritage in cultural tourism; Cultural tourism and community - cultures and communication; Tourism and environment; The notion of sustainability in tourism - protection of heritage in cultural tourism; Heritage at risk from tourism; Threats from tourism to Cultural Heritage; Cultural tourism competitiveness; Tourism policy and organization; Tourism development; Inter-sectorial partnerships; Institutional networking; International legislative framework for the development of cultural tourism.

Course objectives:
The course aims to develop comprehensive understanding of multi-disciplinary area of cultural tourism, partnership between tourism industry and museology; Its objective is to familiarize students with tourism terminology and objectives by examining a range of industry practices in their cultural contexts. The course combines theoretical analysis of tourism trends and practical contact with selected local, regional and national cultural tourism attractions, cultural and tourism organizations and institutions engaged in the development of cultural tourism.

Quality check and success of the course: Quality check and success of the course will be done by combining internal and external evaluation. Internal evaluation will be done by teachers and students using survey method at the end of semester. The external evaluation will be done by colleagues attending the course, by monitoring and assessment of the course.

Reading list:
1. McKercher, B. Du Cros Hilary. Cultural tourism. Clarendon Press, Oxford, 2002.
2. Strategija za razvoj kulturnog turizma RH, Institut za turizam Zagreb, 2003.

Additional reading list:
1. Diekman, Anya. Zaštita graditeljske baštine nasuprot turizmu: Belgijsko istraživanje.TURIZAM, 2002., str. 267.-284.
2. Pasakova, M. Životni ciklus destinacije povijesnog grada. TURIZAM,  2002, str. 251.-266.