Subject: Information Science
Course: Introduction to Information Studies    
ECTS credits: 5    
Language: Croatian
Duration: 1 semester
Status: Mandatory
Method of teaching: Lecture, Essay
Prerequisite: None

Assessment: Homework 20%
Essay 40%
Written exam 40%
Course description:
This course is designed to provide an introduction to Information Studies for undergraduate students. The course consists of lectures on the major contributing areas of study to Information Science - a field of study still being defined and developed. Information and Communication Science students are introduced to the dynamic and shifting information professions, complex organizations, and emerging careers in the field.
Seminar work is designed to the skills needed write effectively for academic purposes. It covers instructions and needed to help students understand what is required, and to plan, structure and write seminar essays.

Course objectives:
This course will provide the foundational knowledge necessary to begin to address the key issues associated within the Information and Communication field of study. Successful completion of this course will give the student the conceptual tools necessary to understand providing a foundation for later study in Information or any number of more traditional disciplines. Seminar work will provide students with tools and knowledge of academic writing from planning the research, finding, evaluating and citing sources, to writing a seminar essay.

Reading list:

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