Course: Multimedia Knowlege Presentation
ECTS credits: 6
Language: Croatian
Duration: 1 semester
Status: Compulsory, elective
Method of teaching: 2 hours of lectures, 2 hours of exercises
Prerequisite: No
Assessment: Complete set of weekly writing tasks, final project

Course description:

Multimedia knowledge presentation refers to instructional design for multimedia learning. Multimedia Instructional Design describes the development of learning system based on the use of different types of media to improve learning efficiency. It includes user interface design as well as learning strategies based on the principles of multimedia learning. The course provides an introduction to development of a multimedia learning system. Course topics include the following: learning theories, multimedia learning, scripting for multimedia design, implementation of a multimedia learning system.


Course objectives:

Students need to understand the basic principles of multimedia learning. They need to understand the concepts of multimedia instructional design such as learning theories, multimedia elements, ADDIE model, learning interactions. Practical work includes weekly assignments during the semester. Students will learn how to apply the theoretical knowledge through a series of project-oriented tasks that include creating of multimedia learning projects.


Reading list: