Daniela Zivkovic

Daniela Živković, full professor

Office hours: Wednesday, 15:00-17:00, room E-313

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University docent for the Department of Library science at the Faculty of Arts, University of Zagreb (2002 - )
Graduated in English language and literature (A), German Language and literature (A) (in 1982), Graduate study of Library science (in 1983) at the Faculty of Arts in Zagreb
M. A. dissertation: "German language in Zagreb in the second half of the 18th century (1987)
Ph.D. dissertation: "Modern book formats: contribution to science about the book" (1987)
Library consultant (1999)
Founder and manager of the Croatian office for ISBN (1992-2002) and Croatian office for ISMN (1995-2002) in the National and University Library, cataloguer at the National and University Library (1983-1992)
She wrote: E-book (2001), Matija Smodek (2001); composed the address book: Publishers of books and notes in Croatia 1197/1998; created the SPOMENICA: Librarians Association of Croatia 1940-2000.


  • Wilhelmsuniversität in Münster, Universität Gießen (1980/81)
  • National library of Austria and War archive of Austria (1992)
  • Library Services in the U.S. (1999)


  • Prvomajska award awarded by the Universities of Zagreb for the dissertation"Public health in Great Britain" (1979)
  • Red Danice hrvatske s likom Marka Marulića medal (1998)
  • Matko Ronjić award for exceptional contribution for her work in the development of the National and University of Croatia (2002)


Fields of Interest:

  • Electronic and traditional publishing
  • Library-publisher cooperation
  • Identification systems for marking for library materials
  • Bibliographic control
  • Copyright
  • History of librarianship and publishing


Publications listed in the Croatian Scientific Bibliography (CROSBI)



  • Thesaurus of library terms, a project by the Department of Information Sciences
  • "Books-in-Print Catalogs, Electronic Publishing, Books and Archives, a project by the Council of Europe, 1995-1998.



  • IFLA/Committee on Copyright and Legal Matters
  • Librarians Association of Croatia (the president of the Committee for library terms and Workgroups for copyright, the secretary of Librarians Association of Croatia /1986 - 1989, 1992 - 1994/)
  • Copyright Association of Croatia